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PAPAELIAS prokat construction company in Greece is dominant over the domain of prefabricated (prokat) residences since 1975 and through a course of continuous evolution, it has conquered the Greek market. Having as primary target to fulfill our customers’ needs, we manage to have a harmonic co-operation with him, from the beginning up to the end of the construction.

Knowing that the decision for the construction of prokat residence is a step that presupposes wise and right handling, we give the chance to our customers to design their dream house and we materialize it in 100 days.

We use modern building and insulating materials of high quality, in order to create prokat constructions in Greece, which remain uninfluenced by the earthquake and fire, offering in this way an unlimited time of life. We build prokat constructions up to 3 floors, being permitted by theGeneral Management of the Environment’s Department of Greece.

Our company makes the acquisition of residence more accessible ensuring our customers real long-lasting loans.